Couple ditches attempt to buy a house and live in van instead for ‘more freedom’

A couple decided to ditch trying to climb the property ladder and instead live in their van full time – their unusual choice of home means they’re able to save a lot more money than those renting. Court and Nate, who share their adventures on TikTok, @courtandnate, have lived in their camper van for four years.

The pair apparently tried to buy their first home recently, but the deal fell through and so they’re sticking to their van for now. Court explained in a video: "What is way more inconvenient than living in this van is to go into so much debt just to have a roof over our heads."

She added they hoped to be home owners one day, but that the current interest rates and insurance prices were "overwhelming".

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She admitted: "The amount of money we would have had to pay just to get into a house – the 30 year loan we would have had to take out is so scary. I don’t know how much we’re going to be making in the next 10 years. So the freedom that you lose when you have those kind of bills and expenses is so much greater than the inconvenience of living in a van in my opinion and experience."

Court also noted that the "housing crisis" was very "real" and that the pair were "fortunate" to have a home without being in extreme debt. While the pair live in the camper van , young people are struggling to afford homes in the UK too.

The average house price in the UK is now £264,600, according to Zoopla, with that rocketing to £537,400 in London. In a recent video, Court decided to ask some common questions they get under their videos about their lifestyle. She added that they have to source their own water, empty their waste and have plenty of "challenges" living in a small space.

Court and Nate’s van is beautifully renovated with a small kitchen with a sink, oven and microwave as well as a hob and fridge. There are cupboards and drawers for storage and a double bed at the end of the van.

A skylight and windows allow natural light in and there’s a small couch area for relaxing, a shower and toilet plus mirror and pop-up beauty cabinet that slides out of the counter. Under the bed is a spot for the pair’s dog to relax and sleep while their bed "converts into day mode" and turns into a narrower seating area.

The duo often show off gorgeous views of the sea and sunset from the back doors of their van that they can throw open like a patio. They spend a lot of time parking their van in car parks but also seek out beauty stops by the beach, in the forest and woods to make sure they make the most of their flexibility.

They aren't the only ones to choose an alternative lifestyle to save money. One pair of Brits decided to take to the canalways and make a life on board a barge. Joanna and Victor Gould, both 34, were high-flying TV editors making a fortune in London, but now they live on a canal boat and run a cafe while touring the country.

Meanwhile, Jess Lockwood, from Newbury, and Ed Priest, from Croydon, both 26, saved up, bought a converted van and spent months travelling around Europe. They both quit their jobs to do so.

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