Why I’m selling my Tigor EV after just 1.5 years & 20,000 km

We are planning to go for the City / Virtus / Verna, or even the Innova Hycross.

BHPian pikoh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My Tigor XZ+ has clocked 20,000 kms in approx. 1.5 years and in these 20,000 km my experiences have been really bad, here are the points (both good and bad):

The car has potential, but these issues are a headache to live with, IMO the product was still in the experimental stage when Tata launched it and all the R&D has been done on the buyers.

We are planning to sell the car and go for a sedan in the City/Virtus/Verna segment or even Hycross, let’s see what the family decides.

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