Toyota electric cars to offer 500-mile range by 2026 with solid state batteries to follow

New battery technology will enable Toyota to increase EV range and decrease cost

Although Toyota has been relatively slow to engage in all-electric cars with the bZ4X its only offering in the UK, the Japanese giant will look to achieve market-leading range for its EVs by 2026 thanks to breakthroughs in solid-state batteries. 

Toyota claimed its next-generation EVs will go into production from 2026. The firm expects these new electric models to account for 1.7m out of a total 3.5m electric cars from Toyota globally by 2030. 

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In a bid to appeal to a wider market, Toyota is developing three different battery technologies. A ‘performance’ lithium-ion battery is intended to power Toyota EVs from 2026 with a focus on range. Toyota claims this battery will allow for up to 497 miles of range from a single charge. Charging time will also improve to 10-80 per cent in just 20 minutes. 

In 2026 we should also see a ‘popularisation’ of lithium-ion batteries which is aimed to cut costs for the customer. Toyota says it will reduce costs by up to 40 per cent and increase range by 20 per cent (compared to the bZ4X). 

The third battery technology is ‘high-performance’ lithium-ion, which as the name suggests, will focus on aiding driving dynamics. Improved aerodynamics and reduced weight should be a by-product of the new battery design, but it will also provide over 621 miles of range when it arrives from 2027. 

Beyond this, Toyota is also working on solid-state batteries. The ‘solid-state 1’ is expect to arrive by 2027 with 621 miles of range available, before being surpassed by ‘solid-state 2’ and its mooted 746-mile range. 

Not only will the performance of Toyota batteries improve, but the integration will too. In the current bZ4X, the battery pack sits 150mm above the ground. Toyota plans on reducing this to 120mm for its upcoming EVs and down further to 100mm for sportier offerings.

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