Is it safe to use a DC-to-AC inverter in an EV to charge laptops

The car inverter is rated at 200W but the laptop charger is rated at 65W.

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I have recently purchased a 200W DC to AC inverter from Amazon. I wanted to know if it is safe to use this in EV Max. The adapter comes with a car cable and it has two AC ports and a few USB ports.

I would like to charge laptops while on the move.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s what BHPian SKC-auto had to say about the matter:

I just checked the NEV Max review. The watts is not mentioned on the 12V outlet, also checked the Honda Elevate review, the max wattage is 180W on the 12V outlet.

Since you wanted to use a 200W converter, I believe you should know the wattage of the 12V outlet before connecting.

Here’s what BHPian GrammarNazi had to say about the matter:

What is the Car Charger Power outlet rated at? Check the manual. Ideally don’t think it should be an issue if you’re going to use it to charge a laptop or 2-3 phones.

I have been using a Belkin Car Inverter with my ICE car for 8+ years to charge my parent’s tablets & my brother’s phone while travelling.

Here’s what BHPian sumannandy replied:

The car inverter is rated at 200W but the laptop charger is rated at 65W. I checked in the manual and it says the stated load is 12V 10A. So although the DC to AC adapter is rated at 200W, I hope it should be fine to just charge a laptop (65W).

Here’s what BHPian Turbanator had to say about the matter:

It’s not about your inverter but the point where you will draw that 12V from the car. You should be aware of the load your 12V socket can handle.

However, if the final load is only a laptop charger – 65 Watt, even though your inverter is 200 W, it will draw only 65 Watt, so you should be good. Also, most inverters will have a fuse that should trip before anything goes wrong.

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