7 Smart Ways to Crack Down on San Francisco Car Thieves

Criminals have innovated, and governments and businesses need to innovate too in stopping rampant car thieves.

Photo: Pixabay / The Digital Way

American Car Rental Association president Sharky Laguna is someone who runs a small business renting vans in San Francisco.

He has consoled countless customers who’ve had their belongings stolen from his vehicles. He's had his own car broken into more than once. He also has chased down thieves, helped pass a state law to make it easier to stop them, introduced new initiatives to go after fencing rings and presided over working groups, meetings and public discussions with experts. Government public relations campaigns advise drivers not to leave items in cars.

Nothing seems to resolve the persistent crime, so the CEO of Bandago Van Rental has put forward seven technology- and justice-centered proposals in this recent opinion article in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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