Raw and Rugged Co: My terrible buying experience & how I got a refund

I personally have purchased leather tank pads from them for my motorcycle, and my friend has also purchased Tank Pads, a Tank Belt and Side Panel Bags from them for his GT650 in the past.

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I’m writing this post on behalf of my friend, who is going through a heck of an ordeal in dealing with Raw and Rugged Leather Co. They are an Indian brand based in Hyderabad, Telangana, that sells similar goods to that of Trip Machine. I personally have purchased leather tank pads from them for my motorcycle, and my friend has also purchased Tank Pads, a Tank Belt and Side Panel Bags from them for his GT650 in the past. I’ve quoted his story below and have attached the relevant screenshots as well (With his personal details redacted for privacy reasons). If any of the members here have any suggestions to deal with this amicably, it would be highly appreciated; otherwise, we are planning to take this forward legally. Much thanks!

Hello TeamBHP Members,

I hope this post finds you well. I am reaching out today to share my extremely frustrating and disappointing experience with Raw and Rugged, and I am seeking advice and assistance from the community in resolving this matter.

On August 23, 2023, I placed a prepaid order for The Despatcher ‘Petite’ – Aquo, Single Saddle Bag for my motorcycle, with an order value of INR 2999. I received an instant confirmation email with the order number #16616 (attached is the screenshot for reference). Being a previous customer of Raw and Rugged with successful transactions for a tank strap and an air filter cover, I expected a smooth process this time as well.

However, the ordeal began when I didn’t receive any response after dropping a message on their Instagram page regarding my order. On September 3rd, after over 10 days of silence, I sent a follow-up message, but once again, no response was received.

The situation escalated on September 30th, when, after two months of waiting, I sent another follow-up. This time, they asked for the order ID, and upon providing it, I received a response questioning if I hadn’t received the order yet. After explaining the situation, they apologized and promised to revert by the end of the next day. Moreover, they assured that if the issue wasn’t resolved within 48 hours, a replacement would be dispatched. Unfortunately, there was no update or resolution within the promised timeframe.

Fast forward to November 15th, my third follow-up message went unanswered. Meanwhile, I noticed that Raw and Rugged continues to actively advertise their products on Instagram, regularly updating posts and stories, even though they have yet to address my longstanding issue.

I’m writing this post not only to share my frustrating experience but also to seek advice from the community. If anyone has had a similar encounter with Raw and Rugged or knows of any alternative means to contact them, please provide your insights. Additionally, I strongly advise all members to refrain from purchasing products from Raw and Rugged until they address and resolve their existing customers’ issues. Your support and advice is highly appreciated.

Relevant Screenshots

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If the order was paid with a credit card, file for chargeback as soon as possible since max chargeback window most bank provides is 3months. This way, they’d be forced to respond and give a resolution.

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Unfortunate situation, but not much can be done at this point, except to try and get the product shipped by the seller. Legal route is pointless as your legal fee would be much higher than the product cost. (2999 INR)

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Might help to go the old fashioned way and call them using the Contact link.

Before any yelling, present your order and ask them when you might expect the consignment. 3 months to get an order in sounds odd.

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UPDATE: After doing this, he was able to connect with a different person, and they issued a refund immediately. Thanks to everyone here on his behalf!

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