Worlds hottest scientist risks brutal death diving with monster alligator

A model scientist risked death after diving just metres away from a monster alligator.

Rosie Moore, who has been dubbed the 'world's hottest scientist', took to Instagram to share heart-stopping footage of the moment she came across the beast during a late-night dive in the Florida Everglades.

The clip shows Rosie underwater pointing a camera with a light. It then pans to reveal what she is pointing at – a huge gator settled on the river bed.

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She said in the caption: "Most night 'diving' in the glades starts as a swamp trot, or just a walk through areas of high water. Some areas get deep enough to swim while hiking, so I always bring a mask.

"It’s common to encounter wildlife while swimming or hiking in these areas, such as this alligator. In these situations it’s important to just stay calm and slowly back away."

In writing over the video she explained it was an American alligator and asked her followers: "What would you do in this situation?"

"Get right up to its face for a sick TikTok shot," one person joked in the comments.

Another said: "Probably flail around in front of his face." While a third person added: "First step: not be there at all. Step two, repeat step one."

Other commenters were staggered that Rosie even dare get into the murky waters with the beast.

One said: "Stuff like this just proves you’re the next Steve Irwin in the making. Incredible."

Another said: "I don’t even like going in water where they could be during daylight – I don’t think I could get in on this adventure activity."

American alligators can grow to be around 15ft-long and can weigh 500kg, making them the largest living alligator species on the planet. The species is the official state reptile of Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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