Ukraine ‘has lost 30,000 troops’ as conflict with Russia reaches stalemate

Russia: Report a large fire at a gunpowder factory in Kotovsk

More than 30,000 Ukrainian troops have died since Russia began its full-scale invasion of the eastern European nation, a Ukrainian civic group believes.

Kyiv, much like Moscow, has not been releasing the number of casualties suffered in the war so far, but historian Yaroslav Tynchenko and volunteer Herman Shapovalenko said to have been able to confirm some figures thanks to an analysis of the Book of Memory project – which has tracked the number of deaths since Russian troops first crossed the Ukrainian border in 2014.

According to their estimates, there have been 24,500 combat and non-combat deaths. However, they acknowledged the real figure is likely to be higher, given they believed many of the 15,000 missing troops were likely dead.

Their estimates also put the number of wounded Ukrainian troops at up to 100,000.

This analysis comes as the war is reaching a stalemate, as the changing terrain coming with the freezing temperatures is making actions on the battlefield more difficult.



  • Moment Russian military base explodes in fireball after kamikaze strike11:32
  • Medvedev and Putin’s relatives set to be targeted by new sanctions

    The 12th round of sanctions being proposed by the European Commission could include restrictions on a number of individuals – including the son of the former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev.

    Ilya Medvedev is being targeted for allegedly orchestrating a disinformation and propaganda campaign in Ukraine.

    Also among the 47 individuals listed that could be added to the sanctions list is one of Vladimir Putin’s relatives – his cousin Anna Tsivileva, who chairs the “defenders of the fatherland” foundation that supports Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

    David Cameron becomes first minister to visit Odesa port since invasion began

    David Cameron has become the first UK minister to visit the Black Sea port of Odesa since Russia invaded Ukraine.

    There, he said to have seen “first hand” how Ukraine is “pushing back Russian forces” in the Black Sea”.

    He also said: “As foreign secretary, supporting Ukraine against Putin’s aggression is vital, which is why I am pleased to make this my first visit as secretary of state.

    “Russia thinks it can wait this war out, and that the West will eventually turn its attention elsewhere.

    “This could not be further from the truth. In my first discussions with President Zelensky in my new role, I made clear that the UK and our partners will support Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes for them to achieve victory.

    “As winter approaches, we continue to stand with the Ukrainian people as they resist Putin’s illegal invasion.

    “In the last three months, they have pushed Russia back in the Black Sea and are opening vital sea trade routes for the Ukrainian economy and global food supplies.”

    Zelensky shares video of meeting with Cameron

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shared a video providing an insight into his first meeting with David Cameron, the UK’s new Foreign Secretary.

    In a message shared on X, Mr Zelensky wrote: “Hosted @David_Cameron on his first visit to Ukraine as Foreign Secretary of the UK.

    “We had a good meeting focused on weapons for the frontline, strengthening air defence, and protecting our people and critical infrastructure. I am grateful to the UK for its support!”

    Moment Russian military base explodes in fireball after kamikaze strike

    A Russian military base erupted into flames overnight following reports of explosions.

    The governor of Volgograd Oblast Andrey Bocharov later confirmed there was a blaze at a military site near the village of Kotluban.

    Russia’s media outlet Baza reported that the fire at a Russian Ministry of Defence facility started at about 1am. Locals stated they also heard explosions.

    Baza added that the fires had been put out and the Russian Ministry of Emergencies put out images of firefighters tackling the blaze.

    Nearby resident reportedly heard the sound of a kamikaze drone in the sky before the blasts.

    Slovak trucker drivers to show solidarity to Polish counterparts

    Slovak truckers will stage a symbolic one-hour blockade of the country’s main crossing with Ukraine on Thursday.

    This move aims at showing support at Polish drivers who are calling for restrictions to be enforced to reduce the number of Ukrainian lorries entering the European Union.

    Haulers’ union Unas announced on Facebook the blockade would take place from 1pm today at the Vysne Nemecke crossing.

    The message read: “We will request that the European Commission … immediately introduces licences for shipments for Ukrainian vehicles because European companies are falling on their mouth and cannot compete.”

    Russia in $1billion-a-year grain pillage plan claims report

    A report produced by international human rights law firm, Global Rights Compliance claims to have exposed new evidence indicating Russia’s detailed and expansive plan to steal 12,000 tonnes a day of grain and fill the Kremlin’s war chest with the profits.

    The report concentrates on the occupied grain rich Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia regions in Ukraine, where the first mass extraction of grain was reported in mid-March 2022. Upon capturing territory, Russian forces seized grain facilities from Ukrainian farmers and corporations, taking control of the surrounding transport networks and rapidly establishing safe and fast passage for stolen Ukrainian grain into Russia.


    One farmer in Zaporizhzhia reported that as early as 1 March 2022, five days after the full-scale invasion, his farm was taken over by Russian forces. By 13 March, Russian officials were making public statements that they had plans to rapidly increase grain export from the region, utilising occupied ports, such as that in Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia. The speed at which Russia targeted and took over Ukraine’s grain infrastructure in these regions speaks to a highly coordinated level of pre-planning.

    The report highlights multiple convoys of vehicles seen carrying grain in the direction of the Crimean Peninsula in the following weeks, and GPS trackers on farmers’ stolen trucks show them driving through Crimea and into Russia. Job adverts posted to Telegram by Russian logistics companies, and analysed by the investigators, show they could not get enough drivers in time to transport the vast quantities of stolen Ukrainian grain to Russia.

    This pillaging, together with the Russian forces relentless attacks on civilian grain infrastructure including a missile strike on a Liberian grain ship only last week speaks to a “highly systematised weaponisation of Ukraine’s grain… unprecedented in modern history”, say the expert authors of the report.


    David Cameron in first official visit to Ukraine

    The UK’s new Foreign Secretary has travelled to Kyiv to meet Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. Mr Cameron promised to continue Britain’s “moral support, the diplomatic, economic, but above all, military support”.In turn, President Zelensky thanked Mr Cameron for the UK’s ongoing support. He said: “We are grateful for the unwavering support of Ukraine from the United Kingdom. We are grateful for the warm welcome of Ukrainian citizens in the UK. And we are glad that you came to Ukraine.”

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