UK is nation of pub quiz cheats with sneaky Google searches rife in boozers

Britain is a nation of pub quiz cheats.

Nearly a third of players have bent the rules, with sneaking a Google on smartphones the most common tactic.

Asking members of staff for help and looking at another team’s answers were the two other common cheats according to research by Brewer Greene King.

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It also found questions on maths or geography were most likely to baffle pub quiz players.

We are happiest answering on general knowledge, followed by film and TV trivia and music. But many are brainless when it comes to basic facts. One in five of those polled didn’t know how many countries were in the UK.

And a total of 60% of people got the number of US states wrong, and 39% could not name the capital of Canada. The study said despite being generally dopey about basic general knowledge, Brits are pub quiz mad.

A total of 70% of people regularly take part in them and almost one in 10 attend one every week.

Teachers were voted the most knowledgeable, with journalists, doctors and solicitors also at the top of the league table.

It comes after researchers said drinking coffee and tea at middle age can lead to a reduced likelihood of frailty in late life.

They found that caffeine is the key and those who drank four cups of coffee a day did best. Those who drank black and green tea also benefited.

The team from the National University of Singapore looked at 12,000 participants, aged 45 to 74 years old, with a follow-up period of 20 years.

Study author Professor Koh Woon Puay said: “Coffee and tea are mainstay beverages in many societies around the world.

“Our studies show that consumption of these caffeinated drinks at midlife may be associated with a reduced likelihood of physical frailty in late life.”

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