Storm Babet thrashes Britain as danger to life conditions to peak today

A weather expert has said Storm Babet could peak today as the weather system batters the UK.

Speaking exclusively to the Express, British Weather Services’ Jim Dale said the storm would be at its most powerful over the next three days.

He added that the worst affected areas were likely to be east and northeast of Scotland.

However, Mr Dale also warned that Storm Babet could “elongate itself” down to northeast England and that “virtually anywhere” in the UK could see some dangerous weather.

Mr Dale explained that Storm Babet was basically sitting on top of the UK and expected to create a period of tumultuous weather that could last until well into Saturday.  

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Mr Dale said: “The models are suggesting Eastern Scotland, so the Grampians through to the coast of Montrose so that eastern quadrant coming in off the North Sea into the eastern part of the Grampians.

“That’s not a straight line, it could easily elongate itself down to southeast Scotland, northeast England to a degree.”

Mr Dale added: “We need to be aware that virtually anywhere in the UK could get some hazardous weather in the next 24 to 48 hours even into Saturday morning.”

He said this means “blustery conditions, rain and or showers at intervals. If you’re in a nice dry gap it looks ok”.

Mr Dale said the public needed to be aware that Storm Babet was “basically on top of us, and it will be circling, in other words, the circulation will be around during the course of Friday and the weekend”.

He also explained why Storm Babet was so powerful. He said: “The thing about Babet is that it picked all its energy up about 10 days ago out in the Canaries with record temperatures there for the time of year, very warm sea temperature.

“It moved up west of Spain and France and now it’s arrived on our shores.

“The thing about Babet is that it picked all its energy up about 10 days ago out in the Canaries with record temperatures there for the time of year, very warm sea temperature.”

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Mr Dale added that the storm was likely to peak this afternoon, but that it would remain strong, and conditions could be perilous until around Saturday afternoon.

Storm Babet is the first storm to force the Met Office to issue a red warning since Storm Eunice in February 2022.

On the meaning of red warnings, the Met Office said: “It is very likely that there will be a risk to life, with substantial disruption to travel, energy supplies and possibly widespread damage to property and infrastructure.

“You should avoid travelling, where possible, and follow the advice of the emergency services and local authorities.”

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