Russian soldiers baffle kids with song about cleansing Ukraine with gunfire

Russian soldiers returning from the frontline in Ukraine have been video singing “grotesque” songs about invading Ukraine as “revenge for USSR” to a bunch of kids.

The strange video was filmed in a Russian school, and was posted on social media by Russian Media Monitor. It shows two blokes dressed in the uniform of President Vladimir Putin's army standing in front of a packed class of youngster and parents at a school in Magadan – a small town with a population of just 92,000 people.

Ironically, the town was used as a major transport hub during the era of Josef Stalin when he wanted to sent political prisoners to forced labour camps. A viral video shows two singers, one of whom was playing the guitar, harping back to that period.

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They sang: “Our main battle lies ahead, just find your faith and destroy their Devil's faith. Globalism and liberal fascism are against us, the Satan's black mass.

“Open racism, social Darwinism, the aggressor will be destroyed. Poor Ukraine is stricken with cancer of the fratricide, only the might of weapons can fully cleanse Ukrainians from anti-Russianness.

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“Take revenge on the enemy for our destroyed USSR.”

The room of youngsters, some of whom were dressed in cadet uniform, looked highly unimpressed with nobody clapping when the song ended – although it's possible they were just not that into the two old blokes singing voices . . .

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The references to fratricide were made in relation to bizarre Russian claims that Ukraine has been killing its own soldiers, something vehemently denied by Ukraine's leadership.Russian Media Monitor's Julia Davis tweeted the video, and wrote on X/Twitter: “Children in Magadan were treated to a predictably genocidal explanation of what Russia is doing in Ukraine. It was delivered as a grotesque song, performed by Russian soldiers who returned from combat.”

And when asked what another line in the song about “Devil's Sabbath” meant, she added: “It’s about their ridiculous assertion that Ukrainians are Satanists.”

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