‘Our town’s Christmas tree is worst in UK – it looks like drunken pipe cleaner’

Locals in a UK town are fuming over their wonky Christmas tree, which they've dubbed the "worst in the UK".

The 12ft slender spruce has been called an "absolute disgrace" by residents of Stockport in Greater Manchester, after it was planted on a random roundabout ahead of the festive season. And locals are fuming as the tree looks about as Christmassy as a rainy downpour on the big day. Zoe Gough, 64, who works at a supermarket facing the tree, shared her customers' reactions.

She said: "I see it every day. Customers come in and see the tree and say 'What's that?' It's 'blink and you miss it'. People say it looks like a pipe cleaner. It's just there and it's wonky. I think it looks like it's had a bit too much to drink.

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"The lights aren't very good on it. But it's made us laugh and it's better than nothing."

Social media users were less amused by the sparse fir, with some accusing the council of having "declared war" on Christmas. One disgruntled resident wrote: "It is a disgrace this Christmas tree. Years ago it was really nice and colourful. It is probably the worst Christmas tree in the whole of the UK. Stockport spend stupid money on cycle paths. Go to Crewe Market Hall, the trees are lovely."

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Another local resident expressed their disappointment, saying: "It's an absolute disgrace. They've got a beautiful tree outside St George's Church, far better than the branch thing we've been subjected to."

Another raged: "I think the wind just blew it down the road from an actual tree . . . surely that's not it." While another local made light of the situation, joking: "The battle lines for the war on Christmas have been drawn."

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Rather expectedly, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council defended the sad-looking tree. A spokesman explained: "The main Christmas tree in Bramhall is a tree provided each year in the centre of the village next to the church.

"The newly planted tree at Bramhall roundabout is a living picea omorika Serbian spruce tree – it replaces a dead tree and has not been intentionally planted as a Christmas tree but the community were keen to have lights on it. The tree will be there for many years to come and was chosen as it is an upright variety, to minimise the impact on road users."

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