‘My best man got engaged at my wedding – so we walked out early’

“All hell broke loose” at a wedding after the best man upstaged the grooms in front of guests at the reception.

One of the grooms took to Reddit to ask fellow users for their views after his big day was overshadowed by the very person whose job was to make sure the wedding went smoothly.

Writing under the account name ChemicalAd2047 on Sunday (September 3), the newlywed explained he and his husband married a week ago and things were going well until the speeches began.

The man, 30, said: “Now I thought it was common sense to not do this, but during the best man’s speech he decided to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes and all hell broke loose.”

He added that from that point on, no one paid any attention to him, to his 34-year-old husband or to the timings of the wedding day.

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According to the Reddit user, people started eating early, speeches were cut short after the proposal and the best man even got the DJ to play him and his girlfriend “their song”.

He added that move “incited a whole bunch of couples to do the same” for about three hours as they hogged the dance floor.

The Reddit user said: “When me and my husband finally got a chance to dance people were [too] exhausted and didn’t pay attention, they instead went to eat.

“After several hours of this, I told my husband I didn’t really want to be here anymore, and he agreed. We ended up leaving, the only person we said goodbye to was our parents. Nobody even noticed we had left.”

Three days after the wedding the man’s cousin asked him when he left his wedding because she never got to say goodbye.

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He wrote on the platform: “I told her we left early because nobody was paying attention nor cared enough to. She said OK and hanged [sic] up. Now we’ve been getting calls from all our relatives telling us we’re immature and need to lighten up. That we should be happy our wedding made people this romantic. So AITA (am I the a******)?”

Reddit users sided with the newlyweds, saying they should send the best man the bill for their wedding and get revenge on his big day.

Pink_Cloud90 wrote in reply to the post: “Oh my gosh that is the worst that could happen on your [wedding day]. How on earth could they be thinking its okay to propose on YOUR ]wedding day]?! Even if you’re so stupid to think that’s okay, you ask the wedding couple! And that they continued to steal the thunder is so not okay.”

The user recommended ChemicalAd2047 organise another “special day” with just their nearest and dearest to which the user replied that had plans to do so.

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Reddit user AdvantageousPOV commented: “NTA (not the a******), and when the best man gets married, I hope you and your husband steal that moment to tell the audience how great your marriage is.”

Greenglossygalaxy chimed in: “What a selfish best man. I haven’t got a clue why people are this dense, or what goes on in their tiny minds to suggests this is acceptable… and then to play their goddamn song!?!?! Again, NTA at all. You deserve the night you want for your wedding – and if that’s making the best of things by you and your husband heading off, then so be it. It’s no-one else’s business & no-one gets to tell you how you feel about things. Sorry, you didn’t deserve this.”

SueR74 fumed: “Is the best man such a tight a*** he hijacked your wedding to have his engagement party? Hell no, NTA, I’d be fuming!”

But fellow Reddit user Big_Bang said: “NTA but you’re also doing this passive aggressive thing where you let them walk all over.

“All you had to do is go up to the DJ and tell him to stop playing requests. All you had to do was get your father to announce there were more speeches, that your dance was next.

“Why would you allow them to play their own choices for 3 hours and just sit there. Why was food served. [It’s] literally your event to control – and of the best man messed up then your husband should have stood up and taken over or your dad.”

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