Met Office issues verdict on polar cold snap as -6C chill set to hit UK

The Met Office has given its verdict on a potential "polar front" heading towards the UK.

Weather experts have warned a big freeze could be set to hit the country after Storm Babet brought flooding and strong winds to much of Britain. Temperatures are predicted to plummet towards the end of the month, and the drastic changes could be seen during the final days of October and the start of November, the Daily Star previously reported.

The mercury could slump below zero for the first time since the beginning of the year. Weather maps have shown there could be freezing lows of -6C in some areas.

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Now the Met Office has given its verdict on the dropping temperatures and revealed when we can expect a cold snap. However, the forecaster stopped short of confirming the first snowfall of the coming winter period. Spokesman Grahame Madge said additional wind and rain is more likely in the coming weeks.

He said: "For the remainder of October and into November we expect the Atlantic to continue to be a driving force in the forecast. Typically, this suggests a period of unsettled weather with potential for bouts of wind and rain.

"In between these spells, it is always possible for a calmer period where slightly cooler conditions can get a brief hold, bringing overnight frosts or lower-than-average temperatures. However, there isn't anything in the forecast which suggests a prolonged or much-colder than normal period of weather before early November."

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Earlier, the Daily Star reported an established jet stream crossover would see a "powerful" change in weather for the UK. A "polar jet" headed this way could cause a month of potentially wintery weather.

Meteorology enthusiast Paul Blight took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his verdict. He wrote: "Classic El Nino Jet Pattern establishing itself on the GFS for November + possibly much of the Winter over the Atlantic Sector. Strong SubTropical Jet over the S USA, Merging with a Polar Jet off the Eastern Seaboard, making for one very wide powerful Jet across the Atlantic."

The UK has already experienced some unsettled weather with Storm Babet causing chaos across parts of the country. Seven people were killed as the tempest battered Brits this week, while others were evacuated from their homes.

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