Luton Airport bendy buses sent to frontline in Ukraine to aid fightback

Bendy buses from London Luton Airport have been sent to the Ukrainian battlefield to bolster the country’s military. The three buses, which still display the Luton Airport logo, are largely used as rest facilities for tired troops as well as transportation for supplies and soldiers.

Go-Ahead Bus Company has donated these cars to the Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership (SHAP).

When Luton Airport established a new driverless shuttle service for passenger travel between its terminals and the nearby Luton Parkway train station in March, they went out of service.

Go-Ahead spokesperson said: “These vehicles have done years of duty shuttling holidaymakers and suitcases.

“They’re now retired from airport duty and we’re glad they can be put to good use – as a small contribution to Ukraine’s war effort.”

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According to Bedfordshirelive, two of the buses have been modified with bathroom and shower facilities, while the third is being converted into a mobile display illustrating the devastation inflicted by Russia’s invasion.

SHAP, based in Wiltshire, was founded shortly after Russia’s large-scale invasion to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

They have sent almost 1,300 tonnes of assistance to eastern Ukraine since the conflict began.

In May, the organisation converted a bus donated by Swindon’s bus company into a mobile medical centre complete with beds, stretchers, a heart monitor, running water, and electricity.

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SHAP Chairman Mike Bowden, a former corporate lawyer, had intended to repaint the buses white and install red crosses to their tops.

However, as Mike emphasised, they decided against this strategy because: “We have been specially asked not to repaint them so they look as close to public service buses as possible from the air and don’t stand out.

“This is because Russian forces are deliberately targeting hospitals and emergency workers.”

Encouraged by the favourable outcomes of their bus-related endeavours, SHAP is actively pursuing additional buses and has begun fundraising activities in the event that new donations are not forthcoming.

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