Human roadblock who has stopped traffic in silence 10 times refuses to explain

A taciturn bloke known as the human roadblock has been jailed yet again for stopping traffic.

This is now the 10th time “Silent Man” David Hampson, 53, has been put away for standing on the roads until cops nab him. The silent-type chap has refused to explain why he does it.

He got early release from his three-and-a-half-year sentence handed to him in 2021, but while out on it he offended again. Then, “Silent Man” Hampson posted up outside Swansea Police Station again as soon as he was bailed.

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The police, judges, and psychiatrists have all tried to get explanations out of him as to why he does it. All have failed.

His silent protests have been in and around the central Swansea area and on October 17 at the city’s magistrates court heard how he was taken aside for stopping but “did not engage with the officers”.

Lucy Mansfield, prosecuting, said: “Police advised him to leave the area but he went straight back into the road and so was arrested.” The next day he went to court, where he said nothing.

Ahead of the trail Hampson, of no fixed address, was bailed but left the courthouse and went back and stood in the road again, at which point he was arrested once more and remanded into custody, The Sun reports. He was convicted of two obstructing the highway charges and was sentenced to six months in prison. Again, in the dock, he refused to speak.

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