Hovercars ready by 2073 according to AI which predicts ‘incredible speeds’

Cars of the future may offer Brits the chance to travel at "incredible speeds" as AI predicts massive innovations over the next 50 years.

Predictions from Midjourney show just how the everyday car may develop, and we are just a decade away from the first potentially major change. Exterior changes to vehicles are always developing, though DiscoverCars believes massive changes are underway.

Sleek designs, jet engines and a lack of wheels are all on the cards according to top predictions from an artificial intelligence visualising cars from 10, 25 and 50 years in the future.

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The crack AI has glanced over information and developments on current cars across the globe and deemed magnetic hover technology, which is currently underway in China, as a potential change for the future.

Whether cars are whipping around without wheels as soon as 2033 is yet to be seen – though Midjourney seems to believe the yet to be developed tech could play a part in cars of the future. Test drives taking place in 2022 saw cars with the magnetic force tech hovering 35mm from the ground.

Further developments should get them a tad higher than 35mm, and within the next decade, Midjourney believes vehicles will be able to support themselves and passengers in getting to and from destinations without touching the ground.

But "increased speed" is a little ways off, and it will take until 2048 to get to a more aerodynamic state for cars. Electric vehicles will have replaced the everyday road traffic of today and be fitted with combustion engines.

Midjourney also predicted exterior information would be available, with augmented reality sets showing driver details including licences and insurance on the outside of the vehicle.

Futuristic helmets and "incredible speeds" are on the cards for 50 years from now – with artificial intelligence potentially fitted within the car to make travel that much easier.

Aleksandrs Buraks, Head of Growth at DiscoverCars.com, said: It was fascinating to see how many features of these cars of the future already exist in some capacity – these cars are examples of what could happen when technology that is now experimental becomes an expected part of automotive design."

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