Gran’s miracle escape as ceiling collapses in the night and buries her in rubble

A grandmother is counting her blessings after the ceiling of her home collapsed on her while she was fast asleep – and she survived with barely a scratch.

The 90-year-old was trapped under the rubble at about 5.30am yesterday (November 27) following the collapse in St Albans, which is in north-west Melbourne, Australia.

The woman's granddaughter, who identified herself only as Teresa, said her mother had heard the drama and had called for help, reports 9News.

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She said: “Mum heard a loud crash. She said to come over: ‘The roof’s collapsed and grandma’s stuck inside’. Grandma was yelling out, saying, ‘Help me, help me’.”

When she arrived at the scene, Teresa and her mum couldn’t force the bedroom door open, so they called the emergency services. When the fire brigade arrived, resusers got in thanks with the help of a ladder and bolt-cutters.

The elderly woman was found under the rubble, near the door. Her rescuers were startled to discover that she was largely unscathed, with her only injury seemingly being a sore neck caused by falling bits of plaster.

The cause of the ceiling collapse hasn't been formally identified yet, but Teresa said they had noticed that a crack had appeared in recent days – although they hadn’t seen any sign of water getting in.

“We didn't see any water marks, anything like that. The only thing was a crack in the corner, that's why we called insurance yesterday,” she said.

Insurance assessors will visit the scene at some point in the next few days, and the lucky pensioner has been moved to alternative accommodation in the meantime.

Asked if her gran’s luck meant she should buy a lottery ticket, Teresa replied: “”Should we? It’s insane, isn’t it?”

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