Girl, 14, gang raped then burned alive in furnace before brother finds jewellery

The charred remains of a 14-year-old girl who was gang raped before being burned alive have been found.

And now 11 men in Rajasthan, India, have been charged with the horrific crime.

The girl's body was so badly burned that it was only when her shocked brother combed the remains and found her jewellery that it became clear who it was.

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It is thought the unnamed girl had been taking care of her family's goats around a month ago, but did not return home as usual.

A police search was launched to find her, while led to the shocking discovery.

Speaking to Times of India, police officials said: “The girl's brother saw several charcoal furnaces (kilns) set up by the people of a nomadic community.

“Smoke billowing from one of the kilns drew his attention and made him suspicious as they were not active in the evening.

“He rummaged through the kiln with a stick and sifted through the charred items.”

It is thought she was doused in petrol and set on fire on August 3.

Nine of the men who allegedly carried out the attack have been named in a charge sheet that runs to more than 400 pages long.

Two of those involved were classes as “minors” so can not be named.

The case has been called “one of the most challenging investigations” due to the state of the body, and the lack of certain body parts making it “a challenge” to gather evidence of gang rape.

However, forensic experts were brought in and charges have now been filed.

It comes just a few days after a 19-year-old and two minors were arrested for gang raping two teenage girls in a hotel in the Jaipur area of Rajasthan.

One of the victims is said to be 14-years-old and was held captive for 23 days, while the 17-year-old was captured on August 13 and was found in a hotel with the other girl.

A police spokesman said: “The girl, 14, was then locked in a room and raped by Monu every night for around 23 days.

“He also took her to a café where the other two minor accused raped the girl at the cafe.”

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