El Chapos beauty queen wife to be released today before visiting drug lord

The beauty queen wife of notorious drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman is set to be released from prison, before visiting the kingpin in his own lockup.

Emma Coronel, the third wife of El Chapo, had been under house arrest since last June and is likely to be released today (Wednesday, September 13).

The 34-year-old was sentenced to three years in prison in 2021 after pleading guilty to three counts of helping the violent Sinaloa drug cartel, headed up by her lover.

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Her charges included conspiracy to launder money and distribute illegal drugs, and engaging in financial dealings.

Coronel also admitted to acting as a courier between Guzman and other organisation members while he was locked up in Mexico's Altiplano prison, following his 2014 arrest.

As well as her three years imprisonment, Coronel was slapped with four years of supervised release which she now begins. She was also given a further two years of supervised release following her release from prison.

El Chapo, real name Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, is being held in a maximum security prison following his arrest for years of drug smuggling charges.

The Sinaloa Cartel leader is now lobbying for his wife to come and visit him while he serves life in prison, writing to a judge in the hopes of his request being approved.

He hopes Coronel and his two daughters can come and visit him in the Florence, Colorado-based prison.

El Chapo argued in his letter for the freedom of his wife to cover a potential visit to the ADX Florence complex, BorderlandBeat reported.

He wrote: "From that date [September 13] on, she will be able to travel all over the country, since she will have probation."

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His letter to Judge Brian Cogan also included a request for his two daughters to be part of the visit as they are "studying in Mexico" and are limited in their vacation days.

The former drug lord wrote: "They are studying in Mexico and can only travel to visit their father on vacations, two or three times a year at the most."

Both children, two of at least 15 sired by El Chapo, are 12-years-old and hold American citizenship after being born in Los Angeles.

El Chapo's mother and siblings are unable to visit the convict, who was sentenced to life for a slate of crimes relating to his leadership of the ruthless Sinaloa Cartel, because they do not have a visa to enter the United States.

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