Cocaine Cassie says she was raped and stabbed in hellhole Colombian prison

A young woman who was sent to an infamous Colombian prison at 22 claims that she was “raped, stabbed, hanged from staircases, and witnessed suicides”.

The notorious Cassandra Sainsbury, known as “Cocaine Cassie”, was arrested in April 2017. A man posing as a translator allegedly arranged for her to buy discounted headphones with cocaine hidden inside.

The then 22-year-old served three years inside El Buen Pastor prison in Bogota, Colombia. The young Australian woman was locked up in the hellhole jail with drug dealers, murderers, and other criminals.

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She described her time there as a “living hell”, and recalls witnessing inmates hanging themselves from staircases and stabbed.

Cassie told Ant Middleton on SAS Australia: "I'm the person who committed the crime, but I was set up by someone who I considered to be my friend. I had a lot of time to kind of process having been manipulated and tricked by someone I thought was my friend… having been raped."

She described life within the prison as one of sadness and pain, adding that she believed she would end up dead.

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Cassie said: "I had a lot of enemies. And obviously being the gringa in a Spanish prison, it just brings that attention of you know, rich white girl. Need to I guess bully her down until that's it?

"I had a lot of beatings. I got beaten up a lot. I got stabbed. I got two stab marks on my arms where I was stabbed. I went through a lot of things that I wouldn't wish on anyone ever."

According to the Sun Online, the notorious prison is believed to be home to around 55,000 women. Conditions are said to be filthy and the walls are littered with bullet holes.

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In some cases, up to 20 women reportedly share one cell across the nine blocks within the prison. Despite the filthy conditions, the inmates are said to host beauty pageants where contestants wear formal gowns and tiaras.

Cassie served three years in the prison before she was released. Serving an additional two years on parole in Colombia. She is now back in Australia, where she works as a fitness influencer.

She married Colombian computer technician wife Tatiana who she met after her release from prison in 2020.

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