Booze, subs and missile launchers – on board billionaires jaw-dropping yachts

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    Superyachts and megayachts are a staple amongst the rich and famous – but billionaires have taken travelling in style to a whole new level.

    From Amazon founder and spaceman Jeff Bezos to an ex-premier league football club owner and Russian politician, these are the splashiest yachts and their owners. With the title of most expensive costing a staggering $590,000,000 (approximately £482 million).

    We’ve got the details of what they’ve kitted the vessels out with. From one-of-a-kind underwater observation decks, helicopter pads and swanky entertainment centres to missile detection systems, missile launchers, and a second yacht to carry all their goodies.

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    David Geffen – The Rising Sun

    American business magnate, producer and film studio executive David Geffen is the owner of the most expensive yacht, according to exclusive data by Ritzy Charters. The billionaire bought the yacht for $590 million (£482M) from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in 2010.

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    The 138-metre-long vessel contains a gym, a basketball court, a wine cellar and a movie theatre among the yacht's 82 rooms. It has hosted guests including Barack and Michelle Obama, Sir Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, and fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos.

    In 2020 he faced backlash and was blasted as “tone-deaf” after posting images from the superyacht while isolating from COVID-19. He and his 45 crew members were in the Caribbean at the time.

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    Roman Abramovich – Eclipse

    Ex-Chelsea Football Club owner and Russian politician Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich purchased his superyacht Eclipse. Previously the world's longest yacht, it is believed to now be the third longest vessel afloat.

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    The 162.5-meter-long yacht features two helicopter pads, two swimming pools and its own disco hall. The boat also has three launch boats and a mini-submarine.

    The $500,000,000 (£408M) superyacht is equipped with 24 guest cabins and room for approximately 70 crew members. Eclipse is also fitted with a missile detection system, missile launchers and self-defence systems.

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    Jeff Bezos – Koru

    Amazon founder splashed a whopping $500M (£408M) on his 417-foot superyacht Koru – which he proposed to his partner Lauren Sanchez on earlier this year. It is believed to be the world's largest sailing yacht, according to reports.

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    It is understood that the vessel can host up to 18 guests and a crew of up to 36 members. The yacht is fully kitted out from multiple hot tubs and pools on either side of the boat to an outdoor bar, and casual dining areas for up to 10 on deck.

    It also has a support vessel to carry all of the billionaire's toys and goodies, including his helicopter and jet skis. The spare vessel also holds extra staff cabins and food stores.

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    Andrey Melnichenko – Sailing Yacht A

    Created in 2015 for Russian-Emirati billionaire entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko, Sailing Yacht A is said to be the “ultimate embodiment of German superyachts”. Measuring at 143 meters long, the vessel is equipped with unique advanced features including an underwater observation pod.

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    However, the yacht was seized by the Italian authorities on 12 March 2022 in the port of Trieste, after the EU's sanctions imposed on a number of Russian businessmen as a consequence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    The $400,000,000 (£326.3M) superyacht boasts eight floors – with a helicopter pad on one of the decks. It is designed to accommodate 20 guests and a crew of 54.

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    Michael Latifi – Faith

    Michael Mehrdad Latifi is an Iranian-Canadian businessman and billionaire. He purchased the vessel ‘Faith’ for a whopping $200M (£163M) – previously owned by Aston Martin billionaire owner Lawrence Stroll.

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    The 316-foot superyacht can be rented for $1.5 (£1.2M) per week and contains room to sleep 12 guests. It is also equipped with two jet skis and a helicopter pad.

    Guests can also enjoy a snow room and a movie theatre. As well as a full gym, a sauna and a steam room.

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    Paul Allen — Octopus

    Octopus is a 126-metre (413 ft) megayacht built for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. It set the billionaire back $200,000,000 (£163M).

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    While it is a private vessel, it has been loaned out for scientific research initiatives, exploration projects, and even rescue missions. Two helicopter pads, two submarines and an observation deck can also be utilised.

    The yacht, which comprises of eight decks can host up to 26 guests and 63 staff members. It includes facilities including a spa, several bars, a movie theatre, a library, a gym, a basketball court and several pools.

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