Blokes brawling in Storm Babet flood water dubbed ‘most British thing ever’

Two blokes have been caught on video brawling in filthy Storm Babet flood water while a mum attempts to move her children to safety.

The 28-second chaotic clip shows a red Ford car slowly floating down the street. It then pans around to a mum and children attempting to move to safety.

The family can be seen in knee-high flood waters in Debenham, Suffolk. She can be heard telling the children “right, move out the way” as they approach the car.

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Seconds later, two men in the background begin to brawl and end up on their backs in water. As the men fight a woman can be heard shouting: "That is enough for f***'s sake."

A third person then attempts to break up the violent outburst. Meanwhile, the mum attempts to move the scared children to safety around the corner.

The footage was reposted to Twitter along with the caption: “Been sent this but I'm sure it's doing the rounds already. Debenham in Suffolk. You won't hear a better ‘THAT'S ENOUGH FOR F*** SAKE, GROW UP!’. God bless.”

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Another person, sharing the same footage, said: “Water fun in Suffolk UK floods today, lots going on, floating car, scared kids and blokes fighting #StormBabet.”

In a later tweet, they added: “There’s a certain poetry to it all, improves with every watch, a lady with kids initially focussed on car floater her way, before new danger behind gives renewed focus. Lady breaking up fight telling husband to grow up ffs is the cherry on the cake. I love Suffolk.”

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Responding to the post, people dubbed it the “most British thing ever seen”. Another posted a meme which read: “Oh Britain, can’t you go five seconds without humiliating yourself?”

One man joked: “Feel sorry for the poor sod selling that house on the corner – at least it's got its own swimming pool now I guess." Another said: “Imagine your home is flooded, your car is f***ed, your family are distraught and you get a good kicking in cold disgusting water. What a day.”

“That's a perfect vision of the future of the UK, right there,” tweeted one man. While another simply dubbed it “peak UK”.

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