Bloke who correctly predicted Queens death doubles down on King Charles warning

The bloke who went viral after he correctly predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II has doubled down on his claims about King Charles III.

Logan Smith, who posts on social media as @logan_smith526, initially tweeted that the Queen would die on September 8, 2022, back in July 2022, which tragically became a reality.

Her son Charles then ascended to the throne, becoming King Charles III after having been the longest-serving heir apparent and Prince of Wales in British history.

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He was officially coronated at Westminster Abbey on May 6, 2023, aged 74 — making him the oldest royal to become monarch in British history.

But while his parents both lived well into their 90s, Logan hasn't predicted the same for the father of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Smith made claims that the new monarch will die on March 28, 2026 before making his account private following his viral tweet about the Queen's death.

However, he now appears to have doubled down on his claims as his bio on the newly named X app states: "I may (or may not) have predicted the Queen's death… you’re next Charles watch out 28/03/2026. Btw twitter didn’t suspend me."

Screenshots of the initial post was shared all over social media platforms including a video, shared on TikTok by @zukosburnteye, which shows her looking shocked about the prediction.

The user, who is named Hailey, wrote in the caption: "RIP to logan I know the British are coming for him."

Her video gained more than 91,000 likes as people flocked to the comments divided over the tweet as some believe it could come true and others claim it can't be predicted.

One user said: "Hope not for King Charles."

Another wrote: "I also feel that King Charles will have a short reign as well. I say 5-10 years."

A third commented: "No one can predict King Charles died at 2026, only God can do one people can die in one day."

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