Woman warned her hotel room safety hack could be ‘huge fire hazard’

A frequent traveller has caused a stir online after revealing the complex hack she uses to make sure she’s safe when staying in a hotel. Some people thought that her system of rigging the door with towels and clothes hangers was simply too extreme.

Victoria, @victorias.way, shared a video clip to TikTok showing off her top travel safety hacks. But, it caused a debate over whether she was going too far. While some of her advice was pretty standard like "put the do not disturb sign on the door" and "lock the door", others were seen as "unnecessary".

The traveller explained that she went blocks the peephole with a small piece of toilet paper, presumably to stop anyone from being able to look into the bedroom using a reversing lens. Victoria also suggested putting a "washcloth in the deadbolt loop to close the gap" – this may stop the lock from being able to be flipped open.

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She went on to advise that holidaymakers "roll a medium sized towel and put it behind the handle to block it". She showed what this would look like on her hotel door and added that you should "connect the handle and deadbolt with a hangar" for added security. In the end, Victoria’s door was wrapped, clipped and tied together in a complex web of common hotel – but plenty of people in the comments suggested that her "hotel safety tips" might be overkill.

Eve G asked: "Have never stayed in hotels where I felt so unsafe, is it American thing? I am genuinely curious." While a hotel worker added: "Advice…. As crew was told not to put DND on the door because then people know you’re in there if they wanted to cause harm."

Another commenter said: "Pretty sure I’m not staying in a hotel that would require me to do all that." Michelle Ma Belle added: "If I’m that scared, I’m not leaving the house."

Many people questioned how she could be relaxed on holiday if she feels she needs so much added security. Another traveller suggested that the hacks were actually dangerous – they noted: "And now imagine trying to get out of that in the dark in a fire in the middle of the night" while another said it was a "huge fire hazard".

One holidaymaker said: "Maybe this is just me but I’ve never had to do this much in a hotel room. Just stay in big hotels where you’re less noticeable and keep to yourself."

Andrew Kozack offered his travel safety advice in the comments too. He said: "Spent 7 years on the road as a railroad contractor, and stayed in some dicey places and peephole was about the only precaution I'd take.

"1. Learn the neighbourhood, best you can. 2. stay alert and aware of your surroundings. 3. Become immediately familiar with fire escape route. When things go sideways, visibility may not be in your favour. 4. trust your gut. If it feels off, circle back. 5. have local law enforcement number loaded in phone before travel."

Do you think her hacks are useful, or overkill? Let us know in the comments below.

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