Flight attendant says pilots use ‘scary’ code word to issue ‘sinister’ warning

A flight attendant has warned of a code word you won't want to hear on your flight as it could mean 'something sinister' is going on onboard.

Cabin crew have plenty of flight secrets whether that's the dirtiest parts of the plane you won't want to touch, or why a Toblerone could get you a free upgrade. The flight crew also have plenty of code words they use when working, whether that's to secretly complain about passengers, or avoid alarming people when dealing with a crisis.

However, one flight attendant has warned that there's a code word they don't want to hear, as it could mean 'something more sinister' is going on. They told the Express: "A scary code for the crew would be, 'Could a CSD (Cabin Service Director) report to the flight deck immediately’ or 'Could a senior member of crew report to the deck'. It's a call made by the captain or the first officer – depending on the situation. And this could mean a number of things.

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"It could be a medical emergency up in the flight deck, it could be that we’re going to have a tough landing. Or It could be something more sinister… like we’ve gotten a call, that something on the plane. It basically means there’s an emergency and we need to talk to someone."

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While there are plenty of flight attendant code words used as part of their job, crew have previously revealed they also have their own unofficial secret words and phrases on board – including if they fancy a passenger. For example when you disembark, you may want to pay attention to the language crew use when they bid you farewell.

That's because flight attendants often play a game called 'Cheerio' in the cabin. One airline worker wrote on a cabin crew forum: "There's the cheerio game you can play when passengers disembark. When you're standing there going 'bye, thank you, take care', when you see someone you fancy, you say 'Cheerio'. You need to do it with a buddy and the challenge is to keep a straight face."

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Meanwhile if you hear yourself being referred to as 'Bob', it's not because the flight attendants can't be bothered to remember your name. Instead, it's actually a good thing as it stands for 'Best on Board' meaning you have managed to swerve crew's biggest pet peeves such as being rude or taking your shoes off during a flight.

It's worth taking heed of their annoyances too, as some bad behaviours could land you with a hefty fine. While a pre-flight pint at the airport is part of a lot of Brits' holiday routines, getting drunk before you board isn't a good idea. Not only could you risk being denied boarding if crew deem you unfit to fly, but drunkenness on a plane could also land you a £5,000 fine and even two years in prison.

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