Farage gloats over bad news for Rejoiners in astonishing boost for Britain

Nigel Farage gloats at Rejoiners over Brexit boost

Nigel Farage gloated he had “some really bad news” for Rejoiners as he pointed to a major boost for Brexit Britain.

The former Ukip leader highlighted revised figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which showed the UK’s economy had done better than previously thought.

Mr Farage also hailed British manufacturing which he said was “astonishingly” at record levels.

Speaking on his GB News show, the leading Brexiteer said: “Now I’ve got some really bad news now for the Rejoiners.

“Those who have given us a diet of endless negativity about Brexit economically ever since the morning after that referendum result in 2016.

“You see the ONS revised the figures last week which shows far from us being the sick man of Europe since Brexit, actually, we’ve outperformed in GDP terms once mighty countries like Germany.

“And astonishingly UK manufacturing is now at the highest level it has ever been in the history of our country.

“And yes, I know there’s so much the Government could have done in terms of deregulation, in terms of encouraging business, things that Brexit freedoms gave us they haven’t used.

“Yet despite all of that we are doing okay and Brexit has had no perceivable difference on the UK’s growth.”

Revised figures from the ONS last week revealed the UK economy had already returned to its pre-Covid levels by the end of 2021.

The new statistics showed that by the last three months of 2021 Britain’s economy was 0.6 percent bigger than 2019 levels, compared to a previous estimate that it was 1.2 percent smaller.

The uptick meant the UK had emerged from the pandemic growing faster than France and Germany.

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