UK’s Sonder Bikes Enters E-Gravel Segment With New El Camino

Gravel bikes have exploded in popularity all over the world. The principle behind this is very simple actually – the ergonomic efficiency and long-distance capability of a road bike, mated to the go-anywhere capability of a mountain bike. As it would turn out, not everyone needs an ultra lightweight road bike, and not all riders can benefit from the rugged capabilities of an MTB.

The same story rings true in the electric bike world, as more and more gravel e-bikes are hitting the scene. Case in point: the new El Camino from UK-based bike manufacturer Sonder. Based on the non-electric Camino gravel bike, the El Camino (with “El” likely standing for electric) offers riders a little extra versatility by way of a powerful electric motor from Kynamic. The BC250 system is designed for lightweight performance machines like the El Camino. Thanks to its location in the rear hub, it keeps the frame sleek and streamlined. The internally housed battery helps maintain this elegant look, too.

Naturally, slapping on a motor, battery, and controller, as well as beefing up the components to handle the extra boost, would result in a bit more weight. Impressively, however, Sonder has managed to keep the El Camino’s weight gain to a minimum, tipping the scales at just three kilos (about 6.6 pounds) heavier than the non-electric Camino. Furthermore, the El Camino promises a wide selection of tire choices thanks to generous tire clearance on the frame. There are also a bunch of attachment points for racks, bags, and other accessories to turn the bike into an adventure e-bike.

Sonder offers the El Camino in a wide selection of builds. A quick visit to their official website showcases a total of eight build configurations to choose from. There’s even an entry-level flat-bar option for city riding that’s priced at a rather affordable £2,699, or about $3,417 USD. The top of the range model gets high-end components such as a Sram Force 11-speed drivetrain and Alpha EX 700c wheelset, and carries a price tag of £3,399, or approximately $4,304 USD.

Sources: Sonder Bikes, Cycling Electric

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