Trail riding on my Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 with old friends

I dropped my motorcycle while crossing a rut & asked myself if should I get a used Hero Xpulse 200 and care less about dropping it.

BHPian Torino recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Off late, trail riding has become my newfound Sunday morning breakfast ride agenda. Well for starters, it’s actually a mild trial riding as the trails are short and the motorcycles we use are built for the street. It’s a small riding group of old friends who are not into serious motorcycle riding anymore. There is a point in every trail ride where I drop the bike at slow speeds while encountering tricky slippery surfaces, especially with the on-off rains here. SOP is to have a good laugh, check for damage and continue riding.

While replacing parts may be passable, lifting the Interceptor is a test of physical strength. During the last ride, after dropping the bike while crossing a rut, I asked myself if I should get a used Hero Xpulse and reduce my learning curve and care less about dropping it. But the major blockage right now is the lack of parking space for another motorcycle and the Xpulse will not replace my Interceptor or the RX135 and with that, I’ve decided to continue trial riding with the Interceptor, for now.

How the usual Sunday breakfast ride looks like.

Fun part of every trail ride.

Some recently replaced parts.

The lever bolt broke and had to get a new component.

Got these inexpensive brake pads from Amazon. Yet to try them.

Size reference with stock Brembo.

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