Special task force to probe the "JPJandora Papers" allegations of classic license plate registrations – Loke – paultan.org

Last Friday, transport minister Anthony Loke announced the establishment of a special task force to investigate allegations of misconduct at the road transport department (JPJ) related to the registration of classic vehicle licence plates.

This came following the disclosure of such activity by the Telegram app group Edisi Siasat, which claimed that classic registration numbers had been revived and were being sold for hundreds of thousands of ringgit, as Bernama reported.

A 28-page document, which is now known as the “JPJandora Papers,” was provided, showing a list of number plates by year since 2007 and by state that were allegedly revived and registered for ownership. The post claimed that these had already been sold at a very good price, either to individuals or companies, with the activity said to be orchestrated by JPJ officials.

Loke said that he had highlighted the matter at a post-Cabinet meeting and said that the special task force, which will be comprised of members of the transport ministry’s integrity unit, will investigate the allegations and recommend improvements for transparency in the process of registering classic number plates.

He added that the task force would also need the full involvement of the JPJ, as it had the information and access to the alleged misconduct which is being investigated. “For sure, the involvement of the JPJ (in the task force) is needed, as it has the information, data and others. If there is no involvement of JPJ, how can we access the information,” he said.

He added that JPJ director-general Datuk Rospiagus Taha, who has been named as a member of the special task force, had only been appointed as to the post on June 19, and had no interest in the issue being investigated. “The current DG is new, with the so-called issues (which are being investigated) being from 2016,” he stated.

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