Maruti Jimny: List of modifications including a lift kit & snorkel

I settled for a European Lift Kit which offered all options of Soft, Medium and Stiffer suspensions depending on individual requirements and accessories to be added.

BHPian Lavs recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got my Jimny two months ago and 3000 km clocked. One satisfying drive to Sach Pass and going through a Cloud Burst in Palampur – all done with ease.

Coming to changes and modification – I have done plenty to make the car suit my requirements and a few just for my liking  .

I will try to go on with less text and more picture that will talk for themselves.

Jimny at Sach pass

Lift Kit and Tyres

Lift Kit is not required if you stick to tyre size upto 215/75R15. The next size 235/75R15 would require some lift in extreme articulation of axles. I upgraded the tyres to Ceat Crossdrive AT 215/75R15 for the time being, and am extremely happy, very silent tyres on the highway – they perform very well under all extreme conditions.

As Indian law does not allow metal bumpers or bull bars (snorkel at front), so lift kits do not have to compensate for overhanging heavy weights. So I wanted a lift kit which was on softer side, gave a cushioned ride and helped in extreme articulation.

The very stiff and overpriced well known suspensions were ruled out by me. I settled for a European Lift Kit which offered all options of Soft, Medium and Stiffer suspensions depending on individual requirements and accessories to be added. And they offered PU bushes on Shockers and Castor & Pinion Angle Correction Bushes. This made in EU kit included all parts required for the upgrade. And I was informed that they have an Indian partner who has kits in stock in India – WOW.

Procured a medium front and soft rear lift kit and got it installed from my neighborhood garage.

The drive is still very comfortable – does not feel like a lift kit is installed while driving. Extremely happy and satisfied with the kit installed.

The tyre I used:

Parts of the kit:

Front Spring, Shocker and longer brake line installed:

The longer orange Vaccum Lines:

The rear Setup:


The Lift Kit Indian seller offered me a Snorkel (and lot of other parts in a bundled deal) which is beautiful and does not require the Jimny body to be cut for Installation. And I was also offered a beautifully designed Splash / Rain Cover for the Snorkel which I understand no one has around the world. Installed and happy.

Snorkel Installed:

Accessories, Storage Spaces and Utility Hooks

Mud Flaps, Side Body Garnish, Rain Guards/Wind Deflectors and Mat for the Boot were installed from Suzuki during purchase of the vehicle. Suzuki Foot Mats were very small and did not provide much protection to side carpets, so installed after market 7D mats (All black) for all round protection.

But 7D mats were too thick and front seat movement caused rear mats to crumble. In any case I was not getting any thigh support because of my tall height, so I increased the height of the front two seats. The seats are much more comfortable now with better thigh support and free seat movement without crumbling rear mats. And a wonderful view ahead. Now I can see through the Fortuner or a Scorpio going in front of me.

The rear glass defogger wires needed a cover and was installed from 4XFORZA. And small pockets for door handles to keep the phone and coins. And a center storage near 4WD lever. And a central Arm Rest with Storage without drilling any holes.

Two hooks on the dash handle for hanging stuff – this was really helpful for hanging a bag with water bottles on the Sach Pass trip and occasional hanging of purse, Food bag or Sun glasses.

Six utility hooks were installed on the spots provided by Suzuki in the boot. These were useful to attach Bungees, Boot Net and hanging loose goods. A necessity to keep your goods form falling on opening the boot door after a crazy off roading trip.

The Raised Seat (40mm – 4 Bushes) and Installed a paddle rubber on footrest:


The front swivel hooks installed:

Central Storage Tray:

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