Is The Tesla Universal Wall Connector The Best EV Charger Available?

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector is unlike any other EV charging product. With its integrated Magic Dock, it can charge any electric vehicle sold in North America without the assistance of any 3rd-party adapter. 

No other electric vehicle charging equipment can currently do that. Now that the industry has begun the transition to using Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), the flexibility provided by Universal Wall Connector will undoubtedly make it a very popular choice. 

I was granted exclusive access to the Universal Wall Connector two months before customer orders begin to ship, and this video is my full review. 

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector AC Magic Dock

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector has the same specifications as Tesla’s regular Wall Connector. It’s a high-powered, 48-amp wifi-connected smart charger that can deliver up to 11.5 kilowatts to the vehicle. It has adjustable power allowing the installer to lower the output all the way down to 12 amps if necessary to accommodate customers without the required electric service capacity to charge at higher rates. The unit can also powershare with up to six other Wall Connectors. 

It has a very thin, 13.4-millimeter cable that’s 24 feet long and is NEMA-3R rated for outdoor use. However, as with Tesla’s regular Wall Connector, it’s not available with a plug and requires permanent mounting and hardwiring. Installation is easy and simply requires attaching the wall mounting bracket, connecting three wires, and securing the main body of the charger with four screws. 

Tesla Universal Wall Connector Key Features

  • Price: $595.00
  • Dimensions: 13.75” x  6.0” x  5.75”
  • 48-amp (11.5kW)
  • Adjustable output 12-A to 48-A
  • 24’ Cable
  • NACS/J1772 Connector
  • Powershare with up to 6 other Wall Connectors
  • NEMA-3 Enclosure
  • Operating Temp: 122˚F to -22 (50° C to -30˚C) 
  • WIFI Connected Smart Charger
  • ETL Certified
  • 4-Year Warranty
  • Made in Taiwan

I put the Universal Wall Connector through my rigorous testing procedure, including a new test – the extreme heat test, and it passed every test I offered.  It appears to be a very well-engineered and manufactured product that should last a long time, and Tesla’s four-year warranty (which is longer than the warranties on most EV chargers) demonstrates that the company has confidence that it will. 

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector received the highest ChargerRater score that I’ve ever handed out and tallied up a total of 97 points. That was the result of the combination of high power output, quality construction, cold and hot weather performance, all at a reasonable price of $595.00.

Unfortunately, the new app to control the Universal Wall Connector isn’t ready yet so I couldn’t review it. The app is supposed to be ready before the Unit begins to ship to customers and I’ll review it was soon as it’s available. 

Tesla has begun taking preorders for the Universal Wall Connector from its website, with deliveries promised in October. 

Tesla Universal Wall Connector ChargerRater Score

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