Fazua Rolls Out New Update Bundle For Ride 60 System

Porsche-owned Fazua has made lots of strides in the e-bike world in recent years. Its super lightweight and compact e-bike drive is popular not only among weight weenies, but performance-oriented riders, as well. Being the driver of technology that it is, Fazua has released a recent update for its Ride 60 system that unlocks improved performance and efficiency.

Dubbed Update Bundle 009, Fazua is rolling it out for the Ride 60 system even if it’s still a relatively new e-bike drive, having debuted just a year ago. To start things off, the new update ensures that gear changes of hub gear-equipped bikes are smoother and more seamless. The update fine tunes the operation of the gear sensor, thereby resulting in much more comfortable shifts. The way it works is pretty simple – upon detecting a gear shift, the controller momentarily modulates motor power, allowing the gear to slot into place much more smoothly.

Apart from improved drivetrain performance, the new update also optimizes the bike’s battery performance. According to Fazua, they were able to improve the bike’s battery efficiency when not in use, such as when the bike is parked, or when OTA updates are being installed. Furthermore, according to Fazua, the waiting time for commands and signals from third-party components compatible with the system has been reduced. This means that gadgets with compatibility to the Ride 60 – such as IOT modules and other smart devices, will respond much more quickly, and take up less battery power.

In terms of performance, Fazua’s Update Bundle 009 also promises improved pedaling efficiency, where the gap between when the rider pedals the bike and the motor delivers assistance is shortened even further. This results in faster, more confident starts, as well as an overall smoother pedaling experience.

Fazua says that the new software update is ready for download via the Fazua Toolbox software, and the update can easily be installed onto any bike running the Fazua Ride 60 e-bike system. For more information, feel free to visit Fazua’s official website linked below.

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