Don’t wipe your foggy windshield with a cloth – use a hidden button instead

Olive oil car cleaning hack

A man has opened up about a little-known car function that can defog your car “quickly and effectively” without the need to use a cloth or tissue. 

The TikToker, who goes by the name Precise Auto, said: “When there is fog on your car windshield, do not wipe it with a cloth or tissue.

“Not only is it ineffective but it also affects the driving safety.”

He went on to explain that all cars have an “automatic windshield defogging function”.

The TikToker explained the process, saying “you need to find the air intake mode on the car’s air conditioning console”.

Then he said to turn the function on.

Recirculation mode could be switched on, which means air is moved throughout the car but he advised switching this off.

After turning the recirculation mode off, he said to turn on external air intake.

The TikToker then said the next step is turn the windshield defrost button on.

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Cleaners ‘get all the stains off’ yellow pillows with easy method[COMMENT] You Should NOT wipe your windshield when it’s fogging! ������ . There’s an automatic defogging function built-in inside that could do a better job of getting more visual and clearer on the road when driving. . It’s way more effective than wiping it with a cloth or tissue. #preciseauto #sgcars #carservice #carworkshop #cardealership #viralcars #cartips #cartipsandtricks #carhacks #fog #windowfog ♬ original sound- Precise Auto

While the air is blowing onto the windshield, he said to turn the air conditioning to a “medium position”.

“This will remove the fog from the windshield quickly and effectively,” he said.

It comes after a Reddit user recently shared another tip to prevent your car windshield from fogging up.

The user said a cheap bathroom product can do the trick.

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They wrote: “I don’t know if this already has been posted, But I only recently came across this life hack.

“So, here in the Netherlands, the fines for fogged windows are pretty high.

“You drive an older car like me, you probably suffer from fogged-up windows this time of year.”

The user then explained the process of using shaving foam to tackle the problem.

They wrote: “Use shaving foam to stop this!

“Just put some on your window and spread it with a clean cloth, piece of sponge, or whatever.

“Wipe it completely off and it should work fine.”

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