WWE champion Rhea Ripley has fans on their knees after black bodysuit snap

WWE megastar Rhea Ripley has caused chaos among her fanbase after taking to Instagram to post a photo of herself wearing a black bodysuit . . . and not much else.

The 26-year-old Australian has become one of the company's most talked about stars because of her unique grunge-style look.

And the current WWE Women's World Champion has leaned into that once more with the black swimsuit-like bodysuit she donned for a pre-Summerslam snap.

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She was due to face Raquel Rodriguez at the huge event tonight (August 5), but now finds herself on the sidelines instead after the match was pulled allegedly due to either an injury to her opponent or time constraints hampering the rest of the show.

However, that hasn't stopped her taking to Instagram to post the selfie ahead of doing media appearances for the event.

And her fans, fellow stars and ex-colleagues flooded the comments in response.

One wrote: “Just fell to my knees in the middle of Hot Topic.

And a second commented: “I just saw some guy fall on his knees in the middle of Hot Topic.”

A third wrote: “Almost crashed my car looking at this.”

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And a fourth bizarrely added: “Kind of women that make you wanna stand up in your hind legs and beg for buttermilk.”

Former WWE star CJ “Lana” Perry commented with several flame emojis, while current WWE star Carmella – on hiatus from in-ring action due to being pregnant – used the drool emoji.

Ripley's style has become a talking point since joining the Judgement Day faction and going full-goth.

Speaking about it to InStyle, she said: “I’ll get messages on Instagram, Twitter and I’ll get people coming up to me in person just being like, ‘Rhea, I love your style – you helped me accept me for me'

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“It sort of brought out this side of me that I always wanted to be, but never thought that I would fit the mould of society.

“It’s cool to be in that sort of spotlight, to inspire them to do what they want to do with their bodies and to not be ashamed of it and not really care what anyone else thinks because it’s what they think of themselves that really means the most.”

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