WW3 fears on the rise as huge Iranian warships spotted off Brazilian beach

Fresh World War 3 fears have been sparked as huge Iranian warships have been spotted docked in Brazil.

The Brazilian Government has authorised two Iranian warships to dock in Rio de Janeiro, prompting backlash from both the US and Isreal.

Lior Haiat, of Israel’s foreign relations ministry, said on Twitter: “Israel sees the docking of Iranian warships in Brazil a few days ago, as a dangerous and regretful development.

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“Brazil should not grant any prize to a malign state.”

The comments came a day after the US State Department spokesperson Ned Price answered questions about the ships.

According to the New York Post, Price said that Washington is discussing the issue with Brazilian partners and that it wants to ensure Iran “is not able to acquire a foothold, is not able to take advantage of others in our hemisphere.”

“It is certainly not the case that the Brazilian government, the Brazilian people would want to do anything that would assist, that would aid a government, a regime that is responsible for a brutal crackdown and violent repression against its own people,” he added.

According to the publication, one of the ships docked off Rio's south zone of beaches, while the other stopped downtown.

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The IRIS Makran and IRIS Dena ships are authorized to stay in Rio until tomorrow (March 4).

The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control last month designated both ships for sanctions.

Brazil’s foreign ministry was approached by the Associated Press for comment on the statements by Israeli and American officials, but the organisation said they did not respond.

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Earlier this week the Daily Star reported how Vladimir Putin has sparked World War 3 fears after deploying a fleet of warships armed with nuclear weapons as well as nuclear-capable 'Bear' bombers.

The Norwegian Intelligence Service released a report yesterday (Monday, January 13) noting how the Russian navy's Northern Fleet had tactical nuclear weapons onboard.

It stated that this is the first time the fleet has been deployed with nukes since the fall of the Soviet Union.


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