Woman with peanut allergy dies years after severe reaction at brother’s wedding

A student with a severe peanut allergy has tragically died four years after suffering anaphylactic shock before her brother's wedding.

An inquest revealed that Tania Kaur Khasriya suffered a hypoxic brain injury which left her unable to communicate.

The 24-year-old suffered anaphylactic shock after eating a dish which contained nuts at the Indian restaurant Mehfil in Southall, West London.

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The inquest held yesterday (Wednesday, April 26) heard that Ms Khasriya, from Ealing, has spent the last four years in a vegetative state being cared for at the Chalfont Lodge nursing centre in Buckinghamshire.

However, her palliative care was withdrawn with her family's consent, after doctors deemed she had no quality of life.

The devastated family claim they told the restaurant about her severe nut allergy, but the restaurant disputed their claims, showing they had no record of any allergies.

Senior Coroner Lydia Brown, recording a conclusion of accidental death, said the distressing sequence of events at her brother's wedding banquet led to her death.

She said: "Tania had a catastrophic collapse at the wedding banquet of her brother in July 2018.

"On the balance of probabilities, this was in fact an anaphylactic response to a dish with nuts.

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"It had not been possible to establish exactly what she ate, but due to the severity of her response, this was indeed an anaphylactic response to her exposure.

"This was clearly an unwanted and unexpected outcome to what was meant to have been the most joyous of occasions. It is a terrible loss to her family."

The remote inquest at West London Coroner's Court heard Ms Khasriya was rushed to Ealing Hospital in West London after collapsing at the wedding banquet of her brother.

London Ambulance Service explained that emergency services had been called to the Mehfil restaurant o reports of an “unconscious 18-year-old” had gone into cardiac arrest.

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Statements from medical professionals caring for Ms Khasriya at Chalfont Lodge said she “couldn't physically or verbally communicate” any sense of “pain and distress” and it was “unclear” as to whether she could understand anything said to her.

Eventually, they reached the tragic conclusion that she had “no appreciable quality of life”.

Ms Khasriya's CANH care was discontinued with the consent of her family.

Coroner Ms Brown gave a medical cause of death as a “hypoxic brain injury due to anaphylaxis due to nut allergy”.

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She added: "The only reason Tania died was as a consequence of the events of July 2018.

"She required 24-hour care [after the incident] and never recovered from her brain injury.

"She died in April 2022, following the planned withdrawal of her feeding tubes.

"What the family have been through does not bear thinking. I pass you my most sincere condolences on your loss."


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