Woman who spent £15k on bum implants says she looks like she’s wearing a nappy

A plastic surgery addict who spent £15,000 on bum implants says they left her looking like she’s wearing a nappy.

Star Delguidice, 33, had implants double the recommended size and had fat drained from her thighs, arms and stomach to sculpt her bottom.

She was initially happy with the results of surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2018, but now claims her bum has drooped dramatically.

She said: “It looks like I’m wearing a nappy now. I can’t go out anywhere without being laughed at.

“I have to sleep wearing two pairs of tight leggings to keep my implants in place. When I walk I can feel them hitting the backs of my legs. It’s a nightmare.” Star, of Birmingham, has spent £240,000 on cosmetic surgery since she was a teenager including boob and nose jobs, a designer vagina, liposuction, lip and cheek fillers, and jaw and forehead contouring.

She admitted she has ruined her body with 20 ops, but believes the bum implant was “by far the worst”.

Fixing the problem could cost her another £13,000. She added: "After this surgery I will go abroad and have the second part of the surgery which involves having fat from my stomach put into my bum to create a better shape.

" I would have booked this in straight away but due to Coronavirus I will not be able to travel for months which is disappointing.

" I have been told by other doctors that my implants are resting on my spinal cord and if they were not removed I could end up in a wheelchair for life.

" It’s terrifying but I’m hopeful I’ll get it all sorted this year so I can feel happy about my appearance again.’’

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