Woman decorates house with signs celebrating divorce saying shes free at last

A woman has stunned her neighbours with celebratory signs around her house to mark her divorce saying she's "free at last".

The amusingly decorated property in Crystal Palace, London, was accompanied by fairy lights and a series of divorce stickers and banners.

A passer-by spotted the Tudor-style home in south London and was so taken by the bunting celebrating freedom photographs were taken and posted online on Friday (September 2).

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Commenters were very supportive of the property owner and left remarks including “one happy lady” and “divorce is much better than marriage! Congratulations lady!”

And the photographer who saw the bright decorations said: “Quite frankly I think the house is hilarious. I’ve been seeing the plastic decorations change almost every month.

“I wondered how much time this person has on their hands. They even had a giant image of a person riding a bike on their bin and now these divorce banners and cards.

“Nonetheless my opinion doesn’t really matter – if they enjoy doing that then why should anyone care."

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Not all divorces are as cut and dried though as one woman who decided to take her own hand in marriage demonstrated.

After 90 days taking her own hand in marriage Cris Galera decided enough was enough and took the bizarre step of asking herself for a divorce.

She said at the time she was tired of relying on men – so she decided to marry herself instead.

Cris also said she was embracing being alone and wasn't "disappointed" she didn't have a groom.


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