Wine is coming to Colorado grocery stores beginning March 1

Coloradans on Wednesday can add a new item to their grocery store shopping lists.

March 1 marks the first day that wine can be sold at grocery and convenience stores, the result of a bitterly close ballot measure in November that will change the way people purchase alcohol across Colorado.

As of this month, around 1,900 grocery and convenience store licensees will be able to sell wine throughout Colorado, according to the Department of Revenue.

Proposition 125 was too close to call for weeks after the election, ultimately passing with 50.6% of the vote.

A coalition of independent liquor store owners vehemently opposed the measure, arguing that the expansion of wine sales to big-name grocery chains would cripple their businesses. Meanwhile, giant out-of-state conglomerates — including the companies behind King Soopers and Safeway — spent millions as they attempted to open up the state’s liquor laws.

While Colorado voters narrowly approved the wine measure, they rejected two other alcohol-related propositions that would have allowed liquor stores to open unlimited locations and permitted third-party companies like Instacart to deliver alcohol to your home.

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