Valentines Day rough sex session was so noisy that police burst into hotel room

A randy couple have been fined £1,000 after their rough Valentines Day sex had police bursting in on them.

Jamie Boultbee and his partner Kaylie Hursthouse booked into the Moorlands Izaak Walton Hotel, between the picturesque villages of Ilam and Thorpe in the Derbyshire Peaks, on February 14.

But their stay was less than tranquil, as fellow guests complained that their “over-exuberant intimacy” in the early hours disturbed them, Stoke-on-Trent Live reported.

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The Ilam hotel’s management was forced to call the police on the couple, who had also caused damage to their room.

Officers were given a key to let themselves into the room after they got no reply to knocking on the door.

And inside they found Hursthouse drunk and slurring her words.

At North Staffordshire Justice Centre, the pair pleaded guilty to criminal damage and were made to hand over £500 each some of which was to go to other guests whose nights were ruined by the pair.

Prosecutor Karen Wright described the scenes after police let themselves into the room after getting no reply from knocking.

"Hursthouse was heavily intoxicated and smelt of alcohol. She was slurring her words and was unsteady on her feet. Boultbee was lying in bed. Hursthouse said the reason for the noise was them having rough sex," she explained.

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The hotel said £1,000 damage had been caused and that £250 of that was to cover compensation the hotel had had to give to people in three other rooms.

Mike Kimberley, representing Boultbee, of Branston Road, Burton, said his client, who has 33 previous convictions for 65 offences, is an alcoholic.

Mark Bromley, mitigating for Hursthouse, of Sycamore Road, Burton, who has no previous convictions, said: "Unfortunately this planned romantic over-exuberant intimacy caused a disturbance for other residents of the hotel."

Magistrates handed Boultbee a 12 month conditional discharge and Hursthouse was given a six month conditional discharge. Both defendants were ordered to pay £500 compensation, £135 costs and a £26 surcharge.


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