Ukraine troops show off amazing trench system complete with ‘wood-lined sauna’

Ukrainian troops have shown off an incredible underground sauna built into their trench system, with an immaculate "wood-lined" sweat room built into the frontlines.

Settling in for a winter fending off Russian invaders, it appears some Ukrainian troops have kitted themselves out with a place to take on some quality rest and relaxation.

Although it would appear Russia is set for a massive counterattack in the new year, as reported by Daily Star, Ukrainian troops awaiting a response from despot Vladimir Putin's forces can do so inside of a sauna.

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The sauna experience comes as Ukrainian troops look to play a "waiting game" with Russian troops.

One way to play that waiting game against Putin's tired troops is to set up a few comforts away from home, including that of an underground sauna.

Ukrainian troops have seen some elaborate trench constructions take hold of their makeshift home for the festive period, in an apparent pushback against miserable trench-living conditions.

Expert Justin Crump said a series of battlefield setbacks meant Russian troops would have to "resort" to life in the trenches, as too would Ukrainian troops.

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The incredible trench system was seen to have some surprisingly luxurious fittings, and it may be a sign that Ukrainian forces are hoping to push back against the miserable living conditions often seen in trenches.

Expert Crump said the coming months will be spent in the trenches for troops in both Ukrainian and Russian militaries.

He added: "Digging in is about the first thing every soldier learns – and learns to hate – until you have to do it. At that point your shovel becomes your best friend."

Crump, the head of security consultancy Sibylline, said the trenches were not new constructions and have been there since the start of the conflict in the Donbas region.

Those trenches, which have likely been around since 2014, are seemingly far more elaborate than first thought.

Security expert Crump joked the "wood-lined with a sauna" experience may be a more spirited attempt at making life in the trenches more manageable.

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It will, however, likely be a "miserable" experience for those in the trenches, with Crump noting the depths of the war-torn trenches can be a horrible experience.

Speaking to the BBC, Crump warned that even just a few days in a training exercise trench in Yorkshire was "bad enough".

He added the miserable conditions were present in a training exercise "and that was without anyone actually trying to kill me".

Fears over a Russian invasion in the new year were previously reported by Daily Star, and as Ukrainian troops find themselves gearing up for a few months in the trenches, Putin could be preparing a "huge attack".

Top brass Colonel Alexei Sokolov has previously claimed a recently installed Moscow missile has been "put on combat duty".

That same missile is said to be capable of travelling up to 15,200mph.

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