Ukraine sinks Russian warship with tiny kamikaze boat in intense footage

The Russian Navy is 'sinking' according to intense new footage that shows a 'kamikaze boat' zip towards a large Russian vessel before the video abrubtly cuts out.

Russia initially claimed that there had been an unsuccessful attempt to hit the ship, the Ivan Khurs, by Ukraine – even releasing footage of a craft of their opponent's being hit by defensive fire.

However, Ukraine then released footage of an unmanned surface vessel hitting the Khurs in the Black Sea, approximately 140 kilometers (87 miles) north-east of the Istanbul Strait.

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In the Russian clip the Kremlin ship attacked the surface drone with a machine gun, causing the USV to explode.

"Given the power of the explosion, one can assume that it was fully loaded with explosives," Naval News reported.

The Russian MOD said on Twitter: “At 05:30 a.m. the Ukrainian Armed Forces unsuccessfully attempted to attack the Black Sea Fleet’s Ivan Khurs ship, which is carrying out tasks to ensure the safety operation of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream pipelines in the exclusive economic zone of Turkey, by three unmanned speed boats.”

However, just a day later Ukrainian OSINT (Independent collective dedicated to recording Russian war crimes in Ukraine) Twitter accounts shared a new video showing that a USV reached the ship.

"When the Russian reconnaissance ship 'Ivan Khurs' met a Ukrainian drone. Indeed, a perfect match!" Ukraine's defense ministry tweeted.

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However, no explosion was recorded as the camera is fitted on the kamikaze boat and the explosion would have destroyed the camera.

In response, pro Russia accounts shared a video on Telegram that showed Ivan Khurs entering the port intact. However, the time and date of that video is unclear.

Indeed, detractors suggest that Russian propagandists used an old photo of the ship to claim that it has not been damaged by the Ukrainian naval drones.

Local news outlet Ukrainska Pravda cited a Ukrainian military source as saying that the ship was damaged and needed urgent repairs.

"The Russians are now hastily fixing it," the source said.

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