Ukraine is corrupt and is selling European weapons to the Taliban, says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that weapons being sold from European nations to Ukraine are actually ending up in the hands of the Taliban terrorist group.

The mad claim was made during a meeting with new members of the Russian Public Chamber. Despite earlier claims that Russia was actually in contact with the terrorists, it now appears that Putin has openly shown disgust at Europe allegedly supplying them with weapons – albeit unintentionally.

According to Russia's TASS news agency, Putin said: “They say now (that) weapons from Ukraine are popping up in the Middle East. Of course they are, because they sell them – Ukraine also sells weapons to the Taliban, and from there, the weapons spread anywhere. Everything is for sale”

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Putin didn't provide any evidence as to how he knows weapons are being sold from Ukraine, and Ukrainian officials have not commented on the claims either. During the same rant, published in full on the Kremlin-backed news website, he also claimed that the occupied regions of Novorossiya and Donbass are filled with “corruption” and that Ukraine is “full of corruption”.

He claimed: “Believe me – I had close contacts with (Ukraine’s) former leaders – they buy everything: the vote in the Supreme Court, the vote in the Constitutional Court. People in Novorossiya and Donbass were living in such conditions, with everything bogged down in corruption.

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“We must introduce our standards steadily while showing respect to society, to the people living there – the scope is different: there (in Ukraine), corruption is actually legal.”

He did not divulge which ex-Ukrainian leaders he was in contact with, which given pretty much all of them have come out against Putin since his invasion of the country began nearly two years ago, does cast doubt on the comments. The comments were followed two days later by a Kremlin official claiming that the United States and Europe were “tired” of Ukraine, and that leaders had “growing fatigue” over the topic of Ukraine.

The comments came from Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who was talking to Russia's Rossiya-1 news channel.

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