UK weather forecast: Chart turns Britain DARK RED as scorching 26C heatwave hits – maps

Thermometers this week have plummeted after Arctic air swept southwards, plunging much of the country into a bitter chill. But, temperatures this week are back on the rise and should return to above average by the weekend. Looking further forward, the latest weather charts show a sizzling heatwave gripping the nation on the bank holiday weekend.

The latest maps, by WxCharts, turn dark red, as most of the country appears to be engulfed by the hot temperatures, moving in from the south, by Friday 22 May.

The warmer weather appears to gradually move in at the start of next week, before temperatures quickly heat up by the weekend.

The charts suggest the hot air will grip the country for much of the weekend of Saturday 23 May and Sunday 24 May, and into bank holiday Monday on May 25.

Britons will be able to enjoy the hotter temperatures outside while abiding by the government’s new coronavirus measures on social distancing, which came into effect on Wednesday this week.

Other weather charts by Netweather suggest temperatures on Saturday 23 May could peak as high as 26C, just under 80F, in London and parts of Scotland.

Meanwhile, the maps also show temperatures could reach as high as 25C in Scotland and 23C in London on Friday 22 May – with the conditions expected to remain very warm through to Sunday 24.

The plumes of warmer air appear to move northwards throughout next week before the hot temperatures sizzle the country during the bank holiday weekend.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern explained high pressure would dominate over the next 10 days bringing drier and warmer temperatures to the UK.

He said: “For the start of next week we begin to lose those wet fronts as high pressure starts to build again from the south.

“And, with its new position, we are going to begin to draw up warmer southerly winds. And, the jet stream will be pushed to the north, so that means, into the start of next week it will become warmer.

“Widely it will become drier once again. Just one or two showers for the west and north of Scotland at times through next week, but overall, high pressure is expected to dominate.”

He added: “There is also a strong signal through next week for the temperatures to rise.

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There is also a strong signal through next week for the temperatures to rise

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern

“Both daytime and nighttime temperatures rise through the next 10 days.

“The overall trend is those temperatures are rising and by the middle of next week we could see mid-20’s or even higher in some places.”

Mr McGivern did, however, warn that while the UK would “gain heat” there was always the chance of “heavy showers” sparking off in some parts of the country.

The Met Office outlook adds: “Temperatures look to take an upward trend over the next two weeks with most areas becoming warm, especially in the south and east.”

Meanwhile, BBC Weather has also claimed temperatures will increase in the coming days.

BBC Weather’s forecast for Monday 18 May to Sunday 24 May says some “milder air to feed in from the sub-tropical Atlantic, and temperatures are likely to trend well above average”.

They added: “As the high shifts to the southeast, there will be a chance that we might get some short-lived pulses of southerly winds that will bring some very warm but thundery days. This will be more likely later in the week.”

With temperatures set to increase in the coming days, leading bookmakers have slashed odds on this summer to go down as the hottest on record.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “A scorching summer is on the cards with record-breaking May temperatures ready to roll into the coming weeks and months.”

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