UK snow forecast: Coldest day since spring looms as new winter chill front moves in

UK Weather: Met Office forecasts cloud and light rain

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According to the latest charts on WX Charts, temperatures in Scotland are set to plummet to 6C by Wednesday this week. The cooler weather will spread across the north of England with the likes of Newcastle set for around 7C.

By 9am on Wednesday, the cold front will also hit the whole of Wales with temperatures falling to 7C in northern Wales.

As the week goes on, the weather will get colder and colder, with the Scottish Highlands plummetting to zero degrees by Thursday.

The WX Charts show the entire country in the blue as the temperatures continue to fall.

By midday on October 21, Newcastle and the north of England will see the weather drop to 2C.

London and the south east will see milder temperatures of around 5C but will still be colder as the end of October draws closer.

However, the colder front will continue throughout the rest of the month as winter officially arrives.

As November begins, temperatures will remain freezing across the Scottish Highlands and the north of England.

By 6am on November 1, temperatures will be zero degrees to 5C across the entire country as the cold front arrives.

On November 2, the freezing weather will remain in place as temperatures from to -1C in Inverness and Aberdeen.

Cardiff will see temperatures of around zero degrees while Newcastle will hit -1C.

Tyler Roys, senior meteorologist at Accuweather, predicted the weather will turn “stormy” in the UK as the cold front moves across the country this week.

He said: “As AccuWeather correctly highlighted earlier this month, as we move towards the last third of the month, it would turn stormy across the UK.

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“The latest guidance suggests this starts this week.

“A cold front will move across the United Kingdom Tuesday and Tuesday night with the outbreak of rain, some of which will become thundery overnight in the Midlands and southern England.

“An area of low pressure will move across the English Channel on Wednesday with more rain for Wales, the Midlands and southern England.”

According to WX Charts, around 99mm of rain is expected to fall across the UK by October 24.

The stormy and cold weather will continue throughout the rest of October.

By October 27, around 196mm of rain will fall by midday on October 27.

Mr Roys went on to say there will be showers across northwestern England and western Scotland.

He continued: “Farther south this storm will bring damaging winds gusts to northern France (for context).

“There will be lingering showers across England and Wales Thursday morning, while lingering all day across western Scotland.

“This will be the chilliest day since the spring for many locations. Glasgow and Edinburgh will struggle to reach 10C, London will struggle to reach 12C in the afternoon.

“It would not be surprising to see snow showers occur in the Scottish Highlands on Thursday.

“A break in the action will occur Friday to Saturday for many, while another cold front will move through on Sunday with more rain.

“This looks to set up for another unsettled week for the United Kingdom for the last full week of October.”

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