UK hate preacher urges Taliban to stone adulterers, chop the hands of thieves and ban musi

Anjem Choudary smiles for the cameras after prison release

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Anjem Choudary, 54, blamed for inspiring numerous terrorist murders, offered his chilling assessment in a 3,500-word document entitled Sincere Advice To The Leadership Of The Taliban. The radical Islamist faction seized control of Afghanistan last week, shocking the world with the speed of their advance.

Last night seven people were killed amid the chaos around Kabul airport as thousands of people gathered trying to flee the country, highlighting the alarm with which many regard the takeover.

Choudary, who spent five years in jail for his support of ISIS before being released in 2018, was subject to an order banning him from speaking in public – but this was lifted last month.

Voicing his opinions via encrypted social media network Telegram, Choudary called on Taliban militia to point their guns at “occupying forces” and anyone who stood in the way of “implementing the rule of Allah”.

He also urged them to close down Afghanistan’s overseas embassies and to expel the United Nations from Kabul.

Any non-Muslims living in the country should be hit with what he termed an “infidel tax”.

Furthermore, all non-sharia courts should be scrapped, and only sharia punishments meted out.

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Choudary said: “The penal code or Hudood is the right of Allah to cut the hand off the thief, stone the adulterer, implementing capital punishment upon the apostate and lashing those who drink alcohol (all after due court process and evidence) must be implemented without question and hesitation.”

He also lectured the Taliban about the importance of enforcing such brutal measures, suggesting its ability to implement sharia law would prove whether or not it was “truly Islamic”.

He added: “Muslims around the world must assess whether this fledgling state is really implementing Islamic law or whether it is just another country choosing Islam to be part of its name that it wishes everyone to call it by.”

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Furthermore, Choudary ordered the Taliban to change the name of Afghanistan to Islamic State.

He added: “There should be the removal of all borders and an invitation to all Muslims to become citizens of the new Islamic State with the aim to unite the Muslim land of the Indian sub-continent to begin with, to be the precursor of greater unity under the Khilafah caliphate.”

Choudary was asked by the Mail on Sunday whether he would travel to Afghanistan – but said he was unable as a result of being on a UN terrorism watchlist and therefore banned from travelling.

However, he added: “As a Muslim, we believe in Islam and the sharia, so it is a natural thing to live there. Why do Jews gravitate towards Israel?”

In 2019, US-based academic Michael Kenney told about his conversations with former members of Al-Muhajiroun, the banned terrorist organisation founded and led by Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad.

He added: “I think we have to recognise that part of this phenomenon is the ideology.

“It’s really hard to defeat a set of ideas – you can’t just cut the head off an ideology, you can’t decapitate it.

“Throughout the history of ISIS they have proved to be incredibly resilient.”

Presciently, he warned: “Veteran activists are being released from prison and I expect over the next several years you will have a situation where people begin reengaging with former activism.” has contacted the Home Office to ask whether Choudary’s latest remarks would be investigated.

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