UK flood warning LIVE: New Met Office alert as heavy deluge to hammer UK – power cut fears

BBC Weather: Heavy showers forecast with risk of flooding

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The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning across much of the UK today cautioning severe rainfall. The warning plasters most of central England, reaching as far as south as London as well as up to Hartlepool in the North. The alert, which will be in place from 6am until midnight, warns as much as 70mm of rain could fall in some areas.

Weather agency MeteoGroup UK said in its forecast: “Tuesday will be a dull and damp day across England and Wales with outbreaks of rain which will slowly clear from the west during the day.

“Rain will continue across northern and eastern England during the evening and will be locally heavy for coastal areas.

“Overnight will continue to slowly clear from the west to leave most areas dry with clear spells and patches of mist and fog will form.

“Rain will linger across the north-east to dawn.”

There is a chance that homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage to some buildings along with a risk of power cuts and loss of other services.


Met Office warns heavy rain moving across southern parts of England

The Met Office has warned the deluge, set to last all day, has already begun. 

The south of England is the worst affected so far this morning with the wet weather expected to move northwards as the day progresses. 

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