Trapped dog refuses to let go of ball despite falling into frozen lake

A golden retriever has been found refusing to let go of his ball even though he had become trapped in thin ice.

The dog ran onto a frozen lake to fetch a ball when he was out for a walk with his owner near a lake in the city of Changchun, Jilin province in northeastern China.

The poor canine caught the ball and fell through the thin ice before becoming trapped in the middle of the lake.

Video posted to Douyin shows the pooch struggling to get himself out of the icy water as bystanders call for help.

The dog hangs on the thin ice with his paws on the surface.

Some men are seen throwing sticks so that the pet can grasp onto them but he refuses to let go of the ball in his mouth.

After several attempts, the dog manages to pull himself up and walks towards the land.

Park-goers clap their hands as the lucky pooch makes his way to safety.

An eyewitness told Changchun Daily: "The dog owner threw the ball to the frozen lake and the dog ran to catch it before he fell into the water.

"It's a small red bouncy ball. A few of us tried to pull him up with the sticks but he's too far.

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"I'm impressed that he managed to keep the ball with him the whole time."

Viewers took to Douyin to slam the dog owner for disregarding the animal's safety but some praised the furry boy's loyal act.

One said: "The dog owner should not have thrown the ball towards the lake. Frozen lake is very dangerous to both humans and animals."

A second viewer wrote: "Oh poor dog, the owner is not being careful. Can you imagine how cold that water is?"

"The golden retriever does not want to disappoint his owner and refuses to let go of the ball," a third added. "What a loyal pet."

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