Town with a name so rude it had to be changed to tourists taking lewd pictures

The peace and quiet of a small Austrian village was disrupted for years by English-speaking visitors who couldn’t help but make fun of its name.

The village, founded centuries ago, eventually changed its name to Fugging, a cleaner version of the original, F***ing.

Locals had to endure decades of mockery and ridicule from English speakers as well as numerous theft of their village’s sign.

In order to curb the stealing, local authorities had to put up a two-metre tall sign embedded in theft-resistant concrete.

The rise of social media marked a new low for the residents, previously known as F***ingers, with many visitors striking lewd poses in front of the sign of the village’s original name to later post pictures on online platforms.

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Pornhub also took part in jokes at the expense of now-Fugging, as in 2018 it announced it would offer F***ingers free premium access to its pornographic website.

The same offer had also been extended to locals living in places with similarly suggestive names, such as Titz in Germany.

In 2016, the village was included in the itinerary of an episode of Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour, where Clarkson, along with his co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May made constant jokes as they drove through the town.

Hammond quipped: “If you come from F***cking, does that make you a f***er?”

The three made more jokes, before Clarkson chimed in: “Everytime you tell someone where you’re from, you have to bleep yourself.”

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The decision to put an end to the nuisance came in November 2020, when the city council approved a motion that would modify the name of the village.

Confirming the motion, Andrea Holzner, the mayor of the municipality of Tarsdorf to which the village belongs, told the regional daily OOeN: “I can confirm that the village is being renamed.

“I really don’t want to say anything more – we’ve had enough media frenzy about this in the past.”

The new, cleaner name was officially adopted on January 1, 2021, and the sign bearing the original name of the village eventually found a new home at the House of Austrian History Museum at Hofburg Palace.

Fugging, located some 260km west of Vienna, has a long history. Believed to have been founded in the sixth century, its first historical record appear in 1070.

The modern spelling of its now-abandoned name came to be in the 18th century.

According to the Austrian census of 2020, the village has 106 residents, spread across around 30 homes.

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